Right off the top, I've got to say that I'm not "Bob". It's a nom de plume, or in other words a fake name. There are two reasons for doing this. The first is that by doing it, I can say show what modifications I've done to my car and hopefully not have any thieves make the connection. (I'm not going to tell you about all the things on my car, and some things may just be a lie, to keep you thinking) The other reason is that by doing it this way, I can state opinions and not worry about somebody getting pissed off and sending me junk e-mail.

I'm going to lay this out as a bunch of pages that I can modify as I get the time and provide links. I'm also going to provide links to pages that are worth knowing about.

Links to the bob pages;

Page 1; Terms dealing with alarms and electrical stuff (Aug 7, 05)

Page 2; Tools and connectors (Aug 7, 05)

Page 3; Relays (ya, they deserve their own page) (Aug 7, 05)

Page 4; My feelings on what an alarm should do and just as important, can't do (in particularly in regards to Honda's & Acura's) (Aug 7, 05)

Page 5; Building a latching "cut-off" circuit (Aug 7, 05)

Page 6; Hiding a magnetic switch (Aug 7, 05)

Links to other pages worth seeing or companies;

"the12volt.com"; This is a site with a lot of valuable information and also a forum where you can post questions. It's all about alarms and stereos.

Shawn Drake's "cause for alarm"; This has to be the best alarm page I've ever seen! Read it, print it, and then read it again! There are a lot of good ideas here.

McMaster-Carr; A good source for connectors and stuff.